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A Settlement Agreement was finalized on February 26, 2018, and filed with the United States District Court for the District of Kansas (“Court”) on March 12, 2018, requesting Preliminary Approval. The Court conducted the Preliminary Approval Hearing on April 5, 2018, and issued an Order on April 10, 2018, Preliminarily Approving the Settlement Agreement. In its Preliminary Approval Order, the Court instructed the Notice Administrator to begin notifying Class Members of the Settlement on Friday, May 11, 2018, and provide information regarding eligibility requirements and how to file a claim. Also on May 11, 2018, the Claims Administrator will update this web site to accept claim submissions.

To get paid, you must file a claim. The claim administrator is a company called BrownGreer, and BrownGreer will collect and evaluate all claims and determine who gets paid what amount. To save time and money, BrownGreer has set up a website on which you can make a simple online claim and get in line for payment.

Beginning on May 11, 2018, you may make a claim by going to www.CornSeedSettlement.com, and follow the instructions on the website to make an online claim. It should take less than 15 minutes to complete and submit an online claim.

Syngenta Claims Process Webinar

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Guide to Brown Greer Claim Portal

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Ethanol Production Claim Form


Grain Handler Claim Form

Producer Claim Form

02272018 Toups Coffman Ps Mtn to Delay

02282018 HossleyEmbry Ps Mtn to Join Toups Coffman Motion

03122018 Fourth Amended Class Action Complaint

03122018 Memorandum Preliminary Approval

03122018 Motion Preliminary Approval

03122018 Settlement Agreement

03262018 HossleyEmbry Ps Mtn to Join Toups Coffman Reply

03262018 HossleyEmbry Ps Mtn to Join ToupsCoffman Ps Resp in Opp to Class Ps Mtn for Prel Approval

03262018 HossleyEmbry Ps Mtn to Join ToupsCoffman Ps Resp in Opp to Mtn to Stay

03262018 HossleyEmbry Ps Mtn to Join ToupsCoffman Ps Resp in Opp

03262018 ToupsCoffman Ps Opp to Opt Out Walk Away Thresholds-3515

03262018 ToupsCoffman Ps Reply in Re their Mtn to Delay

03262018 ToupsCoffman Ps Resp in Opp to Class Ps Mtn

04102018 Memorandum and Order

04102018 Order Grant Mot to Stay and Enjoin Putat Sett

04102018 Order re File Walk Away Threshold Under Seal

04102018 Order to Est Qual Sett Fund

04102018 Preliminary Approval Order

04242018 Kellogg et al v Watts Guerra LLP et al COMPLAINT

04302018 Tag-Along

05072018 Opp to CTO



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